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1. Final Price Revealed:$299.99 Generation Toy GT-99 Gravity Builder Devastator Metallic Painted Limited Version w/ Upgrade Kit

1. Final Price Revealed:$57.99 TransArt Beast Wars Transmutate

1. Pictures Review G-creation MTST01 Movie Series Wrath Grimlock w/ GDW-01 Ultra Maxmas
2. Final Price Revealed:$29.99 MechFansToys GFL01 & GFL02 Set of 2

1. Pictures Review HongLaJiao 1/100 MG CN-01 MSN-06 Sinanju
2. Final Price Revealed:$129.99 Perfect Effect PE-DX10G Godforce Warrior God Ginrai

1. Final Price Revealed:$104.99 WeiJiang M09 Optimus Prime
    Final Price Revealed:$149.99 Threezero Studio Evangelion Test Type-01 New Theatrical Edition
2. Pictures Review Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri 04 Optimus Prime

1. Pictures Review Daban 9913 IDW Optimus Prime

1. Pictures Review Zeta Toys ZV01 Pioneer Movie VW Beetle Bumblebee
    Pictures Review Banana Force MPL-01 Red Sharpshooter RID 2001 Optimus Prime Fire Convoy

1. Pictures Review Aoyi Mech LS-12 Megatron Oversized

1. Pictures Review Generation Toy GT-11 Redbull Sideswipe
    Pictures Review Mastermind Creations PS-14 Incursus Onslaught

1. In Stock Sentinel Toys Frame Action Meister PlaWres Sanshiro Juohmaru
2. Final Price Revealed:$75.99 Generation Toy GT-11 = Redbull Sideswipe
3. Price Adjustment for$169.99 GigaPower GP HQ-01R HQ01R Superator Grimlock Dinobots Chrome Versionthe points for previous buyer(within one month)

1. Final Price Revealed:$89.99 Yes Model YM17 Vulcan Hot Spot

1. Pictures Review Civil Warrior General Grant Dreamwave The War Within Optimus Prime OP
2. Final Price Revealed:$74.99 Fantasy Jewel FJ-tr006 The Iron Giant
3. In Stock Magic Square MS-B24 Silverstreak

1. Final Price Revealed:$14.99 Unique Toys Display Base for R-02 Challenger Optimus Prime & R-03 Dragoon Megatron
    Final Price Revealed:$154.99 Unique Toys R-03 Dragoon AOE/TLK Megatron

1. Pictures Review Bandai METAL STRUCTURE: Kaitai Shoki 1/60 RX-93 Nu Gundam

1. Final Price Revealed:$164.99 Mastermind Creations PS-14 Incursus Onslaught
    Final Price Revealed:$84.99 Yes Model YM17 Vulcan Hot Spot

1. Final Price Revealed:$124.99 WeiJiang MPM04 Black Apple Optimus Prime Oversized
    Final Price Revealed:$59.99 Iron Factory EX34 Alkaid Helex DJD Spirits of The "D.E.C"
    Final Price Revealed:$87.99 Aoyi Mech LS-13 Tactical Commander Optimus Prime

2. Pictures Review Devil Saviour DS-01 Split Mixmaster Troublemaker
3. In Stock Iron Factory EX34 Alkaid Helex DJD Spirits of The "D.E.C"

1. Final Price Revealed:$749.99 Toyworld TW TW-C07G TWC07G Constructor Devastator Old Green Version Set of 6
    Final Price Revealed:$179.99 HongLaJiao 1/100 MG CN-01 MSN-06 Sinanju
    Final Price Revealed:$174.99 King Arts Diecast Figure Series DFS067 UFO Robot Grendizer Limited Edition w/ UFO
    Final Price Revealed:$489.99 ToyWorld TW-C07X Constructor Devastator Perfect Edition Set of 6

2. In Stock HongLaJiao 1/100 MG CN-01 MSN-06 Sinanju
    In Stock Toyworld TW TW-C07A TWC07A Constructor Devastator Cel Cell Shaded Standard Version Set of 6

    In Stock Toyworld TW TW-C07A TWC07A Constructor Devastator Cel Cell Shaded Deluxe Version Set of 6

1. In Stock Zeta Toys ZB-06 Superitron Superion Metallic Full Paint Version Set of 6
    In Stock ToysMage TM01 Beast War Megatron
    In Stock Mastermind Creations PS-14 Incursus Onslaught
    In Stock FansHobby FH MB-16 MB16 Lightning Eagle Thunderclash
2. Final Price Revealed:$149.99 King Arts Diecast Figure Series DFS067 UFO Robot Grendizer Normal Edition
    Final Price Revealed:$399.99 FansToys FT10X Phoenix Jetfire Metallic Litmited Version
    Final Price Revealed:$114.99 ToysMage TM01 Beast War Megatron

1. Pictures Review Aoyi Mech LS-13 Tactical Commander Optimus Prime
    Pictures Review Metal Kingdom MG 1/100 GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

1. Pictures Review Beast Combination BC BC-01 BC01 Dancouga NOVA Super Beast Machine God
    Pictures Review FansToys FT-30C Goose Skydive Superion Ethereaon Aerialbots
    Pictures Review Devil Saviour DS-06 Sweeping Rampage
    Pictures Review IronTrans IR-V01 IRV01 Star Blade Star Saber G1 Transformers Victory
2. In Coming Mastermind Creations PS-14 Incursus Onslaught
    In Stock Magic Square MS-B29 Video Team Reflector
    In Stock Jiangxing JX-MB-01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
    In Stock NewAge H19 Hogan Brawn & H20 William Bonney Outback Set of 2
3. Final Price Revealed:$84.99 Iron Warrior IW-06 Jet Power Armor Upgrade Kit for MPM-4 Optimus Prime Jetfire

1. Pictures Review Threezero Deluxe Scale Soundwave & Ravage
2. In Coming Magic Square MS-B29 Video Team Reflector
    In Stock TransArt Beast Wars Transmutate
    In Stock WeiJiang WJ Black Apple Sqweeks TLK Squeaks