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[Pre-Order] ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series

Item Code: SZ3ADLXOP
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Theme: Transformers Product Type: TF: Movie , TF: Can't Transform Company: 3A/ ThreeZero Character: Optimus Prime Size/Scale: 12 inches Availability: Sold Out
ThreeA Toys 3A OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series

Material: ABS
Height: 28.5 cm / 11.1"

Led inside!

You dont need to buy it from us if you are in USA, other US seller has a better price.

ETA: 2023

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Pictures updated.


ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Pictures updated.
c/o 广阔的宇宙 via weibo.

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Pictures updated.
c/o kennysky的天空 via weibo.

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Review updated.
c/o c030404 on weibo.

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Review updated.
c/o showzstore

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Review updated.
c/o 那岩 on weibo.

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Review updated.

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Picutres Review Update.
c/o lvkool on

▲ The sealing is a physical map.

▲ Magnet packaging.

▲ Two boxes of plastic packaging.Instructions and a warranty inside too.

▲ The height is about 27CM. (to the top of the head)

▲ The robot mode is clearly based on the G1 style and the body has a mechanical colour scheme to make it look realistic.

▲ The most noticeable detail on the back is the mechanical spine. 

▲ Figure includes: Display base, Rifle with detachable magazine, four pairs of hands: 2x Clenched hands, 2x trigger holding hands, and 1x Command hand.

▲ A manual, please read the instructions carefully before playing.

▲ The platform LOGO changed to THREEZERO.

▲ Live bullet rifle, with obvious paint to make it look old.

▲ The clip can be removed and the bullet is real.

▲ Hands gesture.

▲ The detailing on the head sculpt is very good overall. The top section of the head has to be removed when inserting the batteries. The faceplate is slightly different from the movie. In the movie it is a lighter colour. 

▲ The eyes light up blue, however are quite small and at some angles are unable to be noticed. To turn the LED's on, you must push the concave area in the centre of the figures head.

▲ The neck has different joints so that the head and neck are able to move separately.  

▲ Chest details, chest armor is closed, don't try.

▲ The whole body is old fashioned like the G1 design, and some of the exposed endoskeleton and outer areas have a dark wash to make them look stained. 

▲ The shoulders and arm details. The inside of the shoulder amour has mechanical detailing and the exposed endoskeleton of the arm is also visible.

▲ The back is a humanmind spine .

▲ It can move forward, and the details of the spine position are very good.

▲ The shoulders and arm have mechanical details.

▲ Here are the details of the hip armour. The front & side skirt sections are able to be moved out of the way to allow for articulation. After the leg is returned to neutral position, the hip armour can be moved back into place for a more coherent design.

▲ The details of the leg.

▲ Thigh detail, hydraulic detail on both sides exposed in hydraulic detail using gold and blue fortified details.

▲ Calf detail.

▲ Calf back side detail.

▲ The detail of the calf is equally excellent, using a large number of hollow + mechanical combinations to highlight the details, the tire has a stain wash.

▲ The knee is bent to a certain extent by a certain linkage, and the inner arm of the calf will be turned out.

▲ The details of the foot, the two outer armor of the foot have a small movement, and the details of the hydraulic rod on the back of the foot are also characterized.

▲ Foot detail, a whole piece of iron.

▲ The head is movable. It has been said that the head and neck are independent and movable, but the head and the rear armor have a little interference. Although it will not affect the flat rotation, the amplitude of the head will have a certain influence.

▲ Shoulder joint pull.

▲ The shoulders of the body are not particularly large, so it is best not to pull them hard.

▲ Arms are flat and flat, and it is best to lift the shoulders before lifting.

▲ Elbow bending.

▲ Waist deflection, here is controlled by the chest joints.

▲ Lumbar joint rotation.

▲ The thoracic and abdomen joints are flat. Although this column is designed with two movable parts on the chest, it can not achieve too large rotation.

▲ The front skirt has a certain movement and uses two spherical joints, so there is no need to worry about the movement of the legs.

▲ Side skirt can also pull a certain extent.

▲ Flat leg lift.

▲ The thigh root joint has a certain pull-down range, and the metal material is used to avoid damage.

▲ Kick before kicking.

▲ Knee bending.

▲ Maximum grounding.

▲ The toes can also lift a certain extent.

▲ The toes can also lift a certain extent.

▲ The figure has restored the film, whether the details of the outer armor or the exposed internal structure,it is all very careful. The painting used THREE ZERO's best old-fashioned and stain-washing. It looks very comfortable. At the same time, it feels step closer to the previous. The material is still a mixed material, but in fact it is made of metal. It will not affect the play experience in order to increase the weight. In addition to the mystery of the waist of the mystery and the loss of the head interference, there is no slot, it can fully meet the needs of play, and the interference of the first two products has been solved.

There are not many slots: first, the gunman, can not hold the weapon perfectly, the interference of the armor on the back of the head will cause some angles to rebound, and the waist is also a problem.When the bracket is thicker, the root is not very easy to disassemble. It can be removed by shaking back and forth. This is considered to be a common problem in the series of stents.

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Picutres Review Update.
c/o 来自塞博坦情怀 on weibo.

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Picutres Review Update.

▲ This is the front and back of the outer packaging


▲ The front buckle magnet.You can see the transparent plastic when you open it.


▲ There are two layers of regular transparent blister pack inside.


▲ All the things are there. Except the Optimus Prime, there is a stand, a large black gun and three-and-a-half replacement hand.



▲ I received a three-view drawing of Optimus Prime.

I finally got a relief when I got the real thing. I saw the sample in the show couple of weeks ago, the sample’s neck was too long and the ratio was not right, but there was no such thing after actually getting the real figure.

The new Bumblebee Optimus Prime, which perfectly combines the fragmentation of the film and the elements of the G1 animation, is really very impressive. I really love this Optimus Prime.

▲ The head carving is very nice



▲ Turn over the top cover, which contains two AG13 button batteries which is not included. This needs to be purchased by yourself.


▲ The light looks better in dark.


▲ The upper body of the Optimus Optimus still retains the element of some G1 animated Optimus Prime, especially the shape of the chest. I was really excited when it appeared in the screen!


▲ The mechanical details on the arm and the battle damaged realistic painting are amazing!


▲ The design of Optimus Prime is actually quite controversial, because it always gives the illusion that the legs are not straight, which is a matter of opinion. However, the rust stains on the thighs are quite realistic, and I like them very much.


▲ The mechanical details on the calf are also very rich, and the mud stains are old and good. Overall the threezero Optimus Prime is really the leader in the appearance and painting details among other competitors. 


▲ In terms of size, the height of the head is 28 cm compare with the 24 cm MP10 Optimus Prime. The difference in size is clear at a glance!


▲ The weight is 929g, the performance of the alloy skeleton in terms of weight is really impressive, very heavy!


▲ As an action figure, the performance of mobility is naturally inferior, and the pose is very natural.


▲ There are three-and-a-half paires of replacement hand which all made of rubber materials. Don't worry about the break when playing!


▲ The weapon accessory is a large black gun with less detail, the surface has a slightly aging effect, and The magazine is able to be removed and ammunition can be seen inside. 


▲ it looks different when it holds it.


▲ The platform is same as before but in different colors.


▲ The figure was simply placed in a running position, and there was no problem with the stand.

▲ last but not least, I put two renderings pictures. Enjoy!

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Pictures updated.
c/o 谢双超仔 on weibo. 

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Pictures updated.
c/o 涛哥测评.

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Pictures updated.
c/o 刘哥模玩.

ThreeA Toys 3A Optimus Prime OP Deluxe Figure Transformers DLX Collectible Series
Pictures updated.

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