We are a bunch of young TF fans and half of the team member have been to the USA for college.

We found toys are very expensive in the USA, so we decided to start this business to provide high quality toys in a lower price.

We have good relationship with good shipping company so our shipping service is reliable and fast. We ship things from China to the rest of the world. 

We have two large warehouses and a bunch of professional packing guys packing hundreds of packages every day.

We are proud of our customer service, customer can contact us via website message/email/Facebook/forum messages, and we reply fast.

We provide replacement parts if you find defects on the items you received.

For now we have two websites:
One is ShowZStore.com basically selling TFs.
One is Gundamit.com, selling action figure/model kit.
One is GKLoot.com, selling anime statues.
One is 77figure.com, selling TFs, action figures and model kits to Japan.
One is Chowbrick.com, selling building blocks.

You can contact us at:

Check out feedback at:

Thank you for your support.