Packaging Standards

In the era of rapid development of e-commerce, packaging and shipping is a relatively important part and it makes a difference for our website’s customers in display, enjoyment, and value.

So we’ve set our own packaging standards after mailing tens of thousands of packages. we shall package and packaging material and protection necessary to prevent the damage during shipment, under normal environmental conditions and commercial modes of

Firstly, when we receive the products, we will check the sealing condition of the product and the situation of the carton of the products. If there is any damage, we will not insist on mailing them to the buyer.

In addition, we will protect products from the following aspects: (The package shipped out via China Post may vary)

No.1 Custom-made carton
For products without outer boxes, we will try out different-sized boxes before deciding on one to ensure stability in the process of transportation.
At the same time, regarding the thickness of the carton, we use a DOUBLE-wall Cardboard of 200-300g.

No.2 Bubble Rolls, Corners, and Waterproof Plastic Bag

In addition to standard boxes and cartons, bubble wrap, corners, and waterproof plastic bag are also necessary. These protective packaging materials can aid in absorbing shock and vibration to prevent damage during the shipping process.

No.3 A
utobots Symbol Sticker

We will put a Autobots Symbol sticker as a gift into each package. 

Hope you're happy when you receive the package with perfect figures.

Of course, there may be many factors beyond our control in the transportation process. If the package you receive is still damaged under the above packaging method, please contact us in time, we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

You can apply for our after-service, and please only use one of the channels to contact.

You can contact us via message directly or apply for our after-service.
The method you can refer to the picture below:


Please fill in the link below:
After receiving your application, my partner who is in charge of this will let you know.