Double Deposit Discount PreOrder
1. What is Double Deposit Discount PreOrder? will match your deposit on pre-order items, contributing the same amount as your deposit toward the remaining balance.

You can only preorder for the $1.5 deposit and we will comp/match you $1.5 off. 
(It means if the full price is $100 and deposit is $2, then after you pay $2 deposit, the total price will reduced to $98 so the balance will be $98-$2=$96,)

2. Where can I find my DDD PreOrder items?

3. How to pay the balance?
Step 1:

Step 2:

4. How would I know when it's time to pay the balance?
When we receive stock we will send out a payment request which you'll have to pay within 14 days, but you can also go to your order detail on the website and make the full payment earlier(if the final price is known)

The pre order will be cancelled after 14 days if you don't pay it.

5. I did't get the email notification, what should I do?
Make sure the email address is correct recorded in our website. 
Check your junk mail.

You can add [email protected] to your email contacts to make sure your mail box won't treat it as junk mail.

Also it's better to check your PreOrder item statue regularly to see the progress. We also update new images of up coming items.

You can also contact us about the problem you meet and we will help you solve it.

6. Can I get my deposit back if I don't want the item later?
You can get full deposit back for "Full Price Unknown" items, cause for these items, we update the full price after you paid the deposit, so if you are not ok with the final price, we will send you full deposit back.

For the items which we already noted the final price, the deposit is nonrefundable.

7. Shipping address
We will send the item to the Paypal confirmed address in your balance payment.

8. When will I get my pre order items?

We ship the all pre-order items in balance payment sequence.

So if you bought the item in full price in stead of deposit-balance method, your item will be shipped in the first place as soon as it we got it.

If you are using deposit-balance method, we will decide your shipping priority ONLY base on your balance payment date, so better pay it early when it’s ok to pay the balance.

9. What if you dropped the price after I done pre-order?

We will always keep you get the item at the lowest price

For full price pre-order buyers, we will send you coupon via email for the difference if we dropped the price after your pre-order.

For deposit pre-order buyers, you will only be charged for the lower balance.


10.  Should I pay in full before item in stock?
We will ship the items by final payment sequence when item came in different batches.

For example, if the total full payment per order is 20 sets, the deposit pre order is 40 sets and the first batch item is 30 sets in total, we will ship the 20 full payment orders directly and ask 15 deposit pre order buyer to pay the balance and pick first 10 guys to ship the item by balance payment sequence(since not all buyer will pay the balance).